Your legal projects, simplified

Legal project management platform for companies and their counsels

Collaboration between teams reinvented. Transactions secured. Cumbersome tasks automated.

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All the parties gathered

Invite your clients, counsels or partners within a dedicated area. It's free for them. Collaborate easily while ensuring the confidentiality of your projects.

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Trust the electronic signature

Enhance the legal certainty of your documentation and preserve your mobility with a high-performance solution. ID check and user-friendly signature interface: you are going to love it.

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Focus on what matters

Increase your productivity and reduce your fees, from due diligence to closing. No more paper, tasks without added value and burdensome documents exchanges.

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Manage all your projects

Merger and acquisitions, private equity, finance, restructuring… Your dashboard centralises all your projects and allows you to start new ones within seconds.

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Security on Closd

Closd complies with the best standards and takes the necessary measures to protect your transactions and your data: you are in safe hands!

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