About us

Who created Closd?

Two former business attorneys and a former trader and web developer, keen on new technologies. Their experiences in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture capital and financial markets and their intimate knowledge of legal and financial corporate transactions allow them to accurately understand the needs of users to create the most relevant tools.

Our goal

Closd's ambition is to move corporate legal transactions and business law into the digital age.


The practice of business law has been held too long away from transformations affecting all sectors of the economy. Uses have not changed and are now outdated. They generate costs, slowness and legal uncertainty for all stakeholders. Today, technology and regulation are removing the last hurdles to this transformation to create an effective and secure digital business law environment.


Closd wishes to contribute by proposing to all interlocutors of corporate legal transactions an innovative technological tool that brings them together and accompanies them from negotiations to post-closing. Conceived by practitioners, permanently in touch with the market and its actors, Closd frees up time and resources and speeds up transactions.

Closd is also committed to serving law firms. In order to retain and acquire new customers, foster their development, attract the best associates and improve their productivity, it is necessary to adopt innovative solutions that meet the new expectations of customers.

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