What is Closd?

Companies and their counsels face major obstacles to the completion of their legal transactions. The evolution of practices must be a priority since creation of value is at stake for all the actors.

Thanks to its innovative features designed to respond effectively to the needs of market players and the quality of its interface, Closd is the perfect collaboration tool for all legal corporate transactions.

Closd is aimed at all stakeholders: attorneys, financial advisers, investment funds and, of course, companies. To each of these actors, Closd brings simplicity, fluidity and security.

Closd makes exchanges easier, automates cumbersome tasks and reduces your fees.

How does it work?

Using Closd is simple and intuitive:

  1. Create a dedicated space for each project
  2. Invite all your interlocutors and manage their access rights
  3. Store and exchange all your documents
  4. Collectively manage each step and condition precedent of the transaction
  5. Complete your transactions (signings and closings) in physical meeting or remotely thanks to secure electronic signatures with triple authentication of signatories
  6. Control the distribution of signed documents and generate electronic bibles for your archives
  7. Get reactive technical support

Still unsure about the electronic signature?

The electronic signature has reached a high level of legal and technological security and is adapted to sensitive legal transactions. The data embedded in the document fully guarantees the integrity of the document and the identity of the signatory.

The legal documentation is secured. The archiving is easy. Parties preserve their mobility.

Its validity and probative force are now affirmed by the European law as well as by the French civil code and case law.

Large-scale legal transactions have been successfully completed in France using the electronic signature. What are you waiting for?

Closd uses high-performance technology with Docusign®, a Qualified Trust Service Provider certified by the French National Agency for Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) and present in the “Trusted List” of the European Union.

Closd guarantees a triple authentication of the signatories:

  1. Password-protected personal area
  2. Prior identity verification by uploading a photo or scan of the signatory's ID
  3. One-time code sent by SMS on each signature

At each verification of identity and electronic signature, a certificate of completion is produced and archived by Closd. It is available at any time.

Using the electronic signature interface of Closd is very simple, in physical meetings or remotely. No more flying or scanned signature pages!

Perform your operations with confidence

The security of your legal transactions and the protection of your data is our paramount concern.

Connections to the platform are secured by HTTP / TLS (Transport Layer Security), a modern and secure cryptographic protocol.

User data and files are protected by 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, a robust and reliable block-cipher algorithm, used by governments and banks.

The platform is hosted on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with guaranteed availability.

Data localization is a strategic issue, so Closd guarantees that all files and user data are stored in France.

User access rights can be managed in a simple, accurate and personalized way, thanks to the private group system.

Proof files of electronic signature and identity verification are systematically produced and archived by Closd.

Closd also guarantees its compliance with the requirements of the European GDPR regulation on the protection of personal data by setting up a privacy by design policy and minimizing the data collected. Closd does not claim or retain any personal data that is not strictly necessary for the completion of your legal transactions.

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